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Equipment Rentals

2017 Recreational Equipment Rental Rates

(prices do not include applicable sales tax)


3 & 4 Wheel Turbo Bikes 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
     1 Seater $6 $10
     2 Seater $9 $15
      4 Seater N/A $15
Fat Bike rentals 1 Hour 2 Hours
    Single Speed $13 $23
    Elite $18 $33
Golf Cart Rentals 1-24 Hours 24-48 Hours
    Must be 18 or over, with a valid driver's license on file. See office for specific requirements. $60 $110
    Carts come with one full tank of gas, additional gas is charged separately    


Additionally, Timber Ridge has a large inventory of basketballs, volleyballs and other equipment and games that only need to be signed for to be checked out!

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