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What is a Park Model? – Unexpected Value!

A park model, or Recreational Park Trailer (RPT), is the most affordable vacation cottage in the country. Unlike permanent-build mobile homes, these stick-built RPTs are movable resort homes designated as vehicles. They are designed specifically for part-time, seasonal and recreational living.

RPTs are wider than conventional RVs and can be built up to 400 square feet. Dimensions are usually 12×30 (not including porches or lofts) with floor plans designed for a long-term occupant that include a private bedroom, large bathroom, kitchen with full size appliances, a living room, added ceiling height, and optional lofts.

Styles range from rustic cabin to craftsman cottage and can be customized to suit the owner’s style and needs. Bay windows, vinyl flooring or carpet, cathedral ceilings, tape and textured interiors, and covered porches lend to the upscale feel of the park model.

Timber Ridge has partnered with builder Skyline Homes to present these affordable “cottages” for about $60,000 to $65,000. Timber Ridge works with their clients on the order, purchase, and delivery of the RPT. The park model can be placed on a leased Timber Ridge site at a pre-determined rate per year; or arrange for delivery to another site.

Click here to view Park Model Brochure and to find out about Park Model living at Timber Ridge Resort.

To experience seasonal living in an affordable park model, e-mail Timber Ridge Resort’s Gordon Waggoner or call at (231) 947-2770.

FAQs about Park Models

Who should buy a park model home?

Working professionals, families, outdoor sporting enthusiasts, “empty nesters,” retirees, and anyone looking for:

  • seasonal residence in the Traverse City area
  • a summer cottage
  • a weekend retreat or vacation cottage
  • an affordable place to be near family (especially grandchildren) for visits

Are park model homes affordable?

When compared to the purchase of a condominium, second home, or in some cases, even a new RV or motorhome, they are significantly less. In addition, because they are classified by the state Department of Motor Vehicles as titled recreational vehicles, park models are not taxed annually as personal property. These second homes can be financed as an RV loan, which is normally less interest rate than a home loan. This enables consumers to purchase a RPT and reside at Timber Ridge Resort for a fraction of what it would normally cost to purchase and own land in the Grand Traverse area.

Is it possible to order a larger park model?

400 square feet is the maximum size by federal law. However, certain features can be utilized to maximize the usable space and livability.

Lofts: A mini second floor can be added as long as the ceiling-to-floor height is less than 60 inches and does not exceed 50 percent (200 square feet) of the main floor square footage. Perfect for children, overnight guests, or storage.

Porches: A porch with an extended roof overhang and railings may be screened in and have a second door but not enclosed with any wall structure. Six-to-eight foot lengths are typical.

Decks or patios: Typically allowed onsite after set-up depending on lot size and layout.

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