We are looking for passionate travelers all over the world, who would like to stay with us!


Basic Cabins 1


  • Electricity
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Beds
  • Booth table with bench seating
  • Lockable door, lighting, electric outlet
  • Heat in season
  • Microwave
  • Small Refrigerator


Note: The typical floor plan is shown, actual floor plans vary.


  • Picnic table, charcoal grill, and firepit
  • Exterior lighting

What to pack

  • Bedding (sleeping bag or bed linens, pillows)
  • Bath towels, soap, shampoo
  • Personal Items
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Matches or lighter, can or bottle opener
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Cooler, paper towels, zip-lock bags

Cabins do not include bathroom (bathhouse located nearby), linens or cooking equipment. Cooking is outside only. Note: The typical floor plan is shown, actual floor plans vary.

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Rates $75-$119/night
Units Available 6
Sleeps 5
Seasons Available 3
Running Water No
Electricity Yes
Bedroom No
Bunk bed Two sets of bunk beds: One with two singles, one with a double and a single
Hide a bed (full size) No
Sleeping Loft No
Kitchenette No (Small Fridge)


Bathroom (w/ shower) No
Bathroom (w/ tub/shower) No
Pots/Pans No
Utensils No
Coffee Pot No
Microwave Yes
Cable TV No
Heat Space Heater
Air Conditioning No
Bedding/ Linens/ Towels No/Available for a small fee
Pillows No
Charcoal Grill Yes
Fire Ring Yes
Picnic Table Yes
Cabin 1
Cabin 1
Cabin 1
Cabin 1


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